Videos for Restaurateurs

NRA Video’s For St. Louis Area Restaurateurs

We offer video’s from the National Restaurant Association for St Louis area restaurateurs in order to provide them with convenient and highly reliable and respected information about their industry.  We consider the National Restaurant Association (Wikipedia link) to provide the most reliable information about the restaurant industry because they are the largest food-service trade organization in the world supporting more than 500,000 restaurant businesses.  Learn more about the history of restaurants.

Their website offers an overwhelming amount of information about the restaurant industry including studies, article, videos and much more.  If you own or manage a restaurant, we strongly encourage you to join the National Restaurant Association.  You are more than a member, you are a partner with the National Restaurant Association.  While this might sound like a advertisement, it is not.  It is just our opinion.

Another excellent source for help and information for restaurateurs is the Missouri Restaurant Association.

We hope you find these videos helpful!  Enjoy!

Videos courtesy of the National Restaurant Association

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