St Louis Restaurant Review publishes a review on Gentelin’s on Broadway, Alton, IL


Our affiliate, St Louis Restaurant Review, has published a Review about Gentelin’s on Broadway in Alton, IL.  It’s is a beautiful drive and Alton and well worth it to visit Gentelin’s on Broadway located at 122 East Broadway in Alton, IL.

St Louis Restaurant Review has awarded Gentelin’s on Broadway with a 4.75 Star Rating.

This husband and wife (Ryan & Sarah) team managed restaurant has a lot that they could teach others in the restaurant business.  The most notable characteristic that I witnessed in Ryan was that he was no publicity hog.  He was upfront and anxious to give his wife, Sarah, equal or more credit for the success of the restaurant.  In today’s environment is was nice to meet somebody this honest and proud minus the arrogance.

Ryan manages the back/kitchen while Sarah manages the front in addition to performing the accounting functions and designs and manages their website in addition to being a mother.

I visited with Ryan for about an hour.  He is very happy with everything from Sarah, the restaurant and even his schedule.  From our discussion he has no plans but to keep doing what is working and make changes only as needed.  I think he knows what is it, but it appears that they have found the perfect combination of family, work, duties, loyalties and more.  Whatever it is that they have discovered it is working and working well.  I appreciate the opportunity to meet and interview Ryan.  I met Sarah, but she was busy.

Congratulations to Ryan, Sarah and staff on an excellent job.  We will do our best to get the word out, not that you need help.  Nonetheless, Congratulations!

For more information please refer to Gentelin’s on Broadway listing in DineOutSTL.

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