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Missouri Wineries are back in popular demand, growing in numbers and size.  Just prior to prohibition Missouri was the second largest wine producing state producing more than 2 million barrels of wine annually.  However, Missouri wineries are bouncing back as laws and regulations are changing and making it easier for wineries to produce wine.  Missouri has many award-winning wines and wineries.

There are many dining options as well at local wineries.  Augusta, MO is only 30 minutes from Chesterfield Valley and they offer many award-winning wineries that have been in business for many years offering food, wine and most have a beautiful scenery.

If you have not tried a Missouri wine lately, you should!  Missouri wines have the reputation of being too sweet, but that simply is not true.  Naturally, they offer sweet wines, but Missouri wineries offer something for every taste.  Missourians should support their local wineries as it will help the entire Missouri economy.  Missouri was once a well respected winery region.  Why isn’t it now?  Simple, poor regulations by our state government.  However, that has changed and it has become easier for breweries and wineries to emerge and produce high quality wines.


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